Minister of Education Visits St Ambrose's


The Honourable Kate Jones - State Member of Ashgrove, Education Minister and Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Commonwealth Games - visited St Ambrose's on Friday 5th May. As part of our 'Build Community Learn Together' theme in 2017, Mrs. Jones was invited to speak with our year 5 and 6 students on leadership and being an active citizen in the modern world.  

A primary focus for our St Ambrose's senior students is to provide them with opportunities for developing their social science understanding. In the classroom, our year 5s and 6s are learning about the economic, social and political development of Australia after the 1900s. A framework we use to develop their knowledge and skills in this area is to encourage inquiry questions.  

A 30 minute question and answer session followed-on from Mrs. Jones's speech. We are proud of the caliber of questions and thankful to Mrs. Jones for her detailed answers. We learnt about the pros and cons of Adani's Coal mine, the impacts of mines on a community and how Mrs. Jones's political career began in primary school. Both the Minister and the class were very engaged during these discussions.  

Thank you for visiting Kate Jones! Like you, many of our year 5s and 6s are inspired leaders who are ready to make a positive difference in the worldYou will always be welcome at St Ambrose's School as a champion of education. ​