Theme for 2019



We are in the second year of a 3 year cycle for St. Ambrose's – another year of reflection on our “story". 

St Ambrose’s School was established in 1936 when Father Bolton worked with the Good Samaritan Sisters to bring Catholic Education to Newmarket. The Good Samaritans appreciated and understood the value of community, which was guided by the ideals of Hospitality, Humility and Happiness. Our School Motto, “Hospitality, Humility and Happiness” maintains these ideals and encourages all families to be involved in the life of the school to ensure the children come to appreciate and understand by example, the value of community.

This year, our St Ambrose’s theme – “Imagine, Believe, Achieve”, will specifically focus on “Happiness”. When we have the courage to believe in ourselves and our God given gifts, we have the potential to experience inner peace, to engage in positive relationships with others and to improve the world we live in. We refer to this as the “ripple effect”. Our theme will be embedded throughout this year’s learning and teaching, as well as the Religious life of the school.

Maddi Gray, once again the creator of our 2019 theme logo, is a source of inspiration to the students and staff of St. Ambrose's. Maddi is a past pupil who continues to actively give back to our school. She uses her skills in graphic design to create visual learning modules, motivational posters and teacher resources to support the learning and teaching at St Ambrose's, and has done so for the past four years.

As a past student, Maddi is a true testament to “Imagine, Believe, Achieve…", when you exercise the commitment and drive to actively get there.