Theme for 2017

Our year to take action and reach out.

This year’s theme, ‘Build Community Learn Together’, provides a clear direction for learning and a unified approach to celebrations and events. It encourages us to be active participants in our community and inspires us to collaborate in working partnerships for the success of our learners.

In our year of action, we teach students to reach out to others who are in need of assistance or friendship through the lens of ‘Build Community Learn Together’. Students learn that even the smallest of actions can make someone’s day much better. 

We place a high value on our community at St Ambrose’s. Part of our mission statement is to ‘Build Community’ and be an active contributor - a belief we aim to instil in our leaners long after they leave primary school.   

Maddi Gray, creator of our 2017 theme logo, truly embodies this sentiment. Maddi is a past pupil who continues to actively give back to St Ambrose’s. She uses her skills in graphic design to create visual learning modules, motivational posters and teacher resources to support the learning and teaching at St Ambrose's, and has done so for the past three years.

Current students also contribute through our year 5/6 leadership program. By running assemblies, leading our Walking Wheeling Wednesday program and organizing sports equipment for younger children, a sense of community is built through their actions. 

Other active members of our community are our Parent and Friend Association, who work with great enthusiasm to create a sense of belonging for all families. we wouldn’t be the school we are today without their dedicated fundraising initiatives that build spirit and provide additional resources for the school. 

This year we celebrate our community and all those who take the lead in reaching out to others with hospitality, humility and happiness.