Religious Education at St Ambrose's

St Ambrose’s shares and promotes the Vision for Religious Education articulated by Brisbane Catholic Education and the wider church. This vision encompasses students’ religious literacy and their personal faith.

Our mission is to develop students as life-long learners through a balanced curriculum enriched by Gospel values, whilst empowering them to make a positive contribution to the community.

In developing Religious Literacy and Personal Faith, St Ambrose’s encourages our students to have a Religious voice in the world. It includes critically and authentically participating in contemporary situations. It focuses on how the students talk, act, create, worship, reflect and participate in different contexts. Jesus Christ is at the centre of this vision and through engagement of these two dimensions, students are challenged to be witnesses to the mission of Jesus Christ in the world today. 


The Religious Life of the school provides a lens through which our school community as St Ambrose’s can develop.

We have developed a three year cycle that provides us with a scaffold to re-contextualise the four interrelated components of the Religious Life of our School over a period of three years.

This Cycle brings together our Habits of the Heart, our School Vision and Mission and the Making Jesus Real approach in a purposeful and systematic school wide focus. It provides and presents the community with ways of enriching regular celebrations and events through the cycle of themes, informing the direction of our Professional Development and enhancing the teaching and learning of Religious Education.

Our three themes are: Remember the Story, The Spirit Within and Take Action Reach out. 


Our Mission as St Ambrose’s is to encourage students to practice compassion, wisdom and justice through a balanced curriculum enriched by the Gospel values.

At St Ambrose’s we ensure that Religious Education is taught with the same academic rigour and rich teaching experiences as all other learning areas. We provide adequate funds for resources in our annual budgeting and strategic planning. We seek to live out our mission by striving for excellence in learning and teaching, empowering and educating our students to live out their lives with integrity, modelled on Christian values, especially in an ever-changing contemporary society. All educational programs developed are based on the model of pedagogy, which has been adopted and implemented through a BCE system initiative.

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