Fees & Levies



2019 Fee and Levies Schedule.pdf

Under the new legislated funding arrangements, schools will receive a base amount of funding (called the Schooling Resource Standard or SRS) which will be discounted according to the anticipated capacity of the school community to financially contribute towards the school’s operating costs (referred to as Capacity to Contribute).  The impact of these changes at the local level will necessitate an increase in school fees from 2018 to 2019. 

If you are comparing our 2018 Fee and Levies Schedule with the 2019 Fee and Levies Schedule, you will notice that the Resources, Maintenance & Services Levy has been rolled into the overall School Fee.  Please be aware that there will be no impact in relation to the items funded in 2019 from the previous Levy.  This is merely to keep our 2019 Fee and Levies Schedule as clear and easily understood as possible. 

From 2018 to 2019, you will also notice a difference in relation to the:

* Removal of the $470 Laptop Levy for students in Year 4 in 2019. (This will extend to Year 5 in 2020 and Year 6 in 2021 as the new technology hardware rolls through the Senior Years.)

* Removal of the Prep Booklist from the Fee and Levies Schedule.  All parents from Prep to Year 6 are invited to place online orders or source list items personally.

* Inclusion of a $250 Prep – Year 4 Technology Access Levy. (This Levy will fund our technology revolution in relation to technology learning resources throughout the school.)

* Inclusion of a Voluntary Library Fund (This provides families an option to make tax deductable donations to the school.  Any contributions are gratefully accepted.)

* Increase to the Year 6 Camp from $1200 to $1300.

Similarly to 2018, parents will not see many ‘one off’ costs in 2019 for items such as class excursions.  Please see the full descriptions in the 2019 Fee and Levies Schedule for a more specific breakdown of charges.  

It has always been the position of Brisbane Catholic Education Executive Director, Pam Betts, Jubilee Catholic Parish Priest, Father Gerry, and myself that no child would be denied a Catholic Education due to financial hardship. Families who may experience financial hardship, as we head into 2019, are invited to make contact with me as soon as it is convenient.

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