Fees & Levies



St Ambrose FEES 2017.pdfSt Ambrose's FEES 2018.pdf


Our Fee Schedule has been developed in consultation with Father Gerry Kalinowski and the Principals of the Jubilee Catholic Primary Schools. It takes into account the priorities highlighted within our School Annual Plan and the fee and levy recommendations from the Catholic Education Council for the 2018 school year.

Commonwealth and State Governments provide Catholic schools with approximately 80% of the average annual cost of educating a student. This is calculated by determining the average amount spent by government to fund a state school student, then applying the percentage. Fundraising, donations and other income raised by state school communities are not taken into account when determining this amount.

Fees and levies charged by Catholic schools go towards making up the difference and more importantly, to help ensure we can provide a high quality Catholic education for your child.

To reduce "one off" costs such as Mathletics subscriptions and class excursions, these have been rolled into the Resources, Maintenance and Services Levy. We are confident our community will appreciate less 'one off' costs.


Payment of School Fees



School Fee Accounts are emailed over 4 terms with the eldest child for payment. Parents are asked to pay upon receipt of the account within fourteen days. School fees usually change each year in accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese.

​For new enrolments an enrolment fee of $300 is charged upon Confirmation of Enrolment, of which $200 is deducted from the first fee issued. This fee is non-refundable if you do not attend St Ambrose’s.​​ 

We also are aware that from time to time some parents find themselves in financial difficulties. With this in mind, our aim is that no Catholic student will be denied a place in our schools due to parents’ genuine inability to pay full or even part fees.