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"Our family loves St Ambrose's for it's small and nurturing community where everybody is welcomed.  The teachers are focused on helping children achieve their potential and often have very innovative approaches.  Woven into every school week are themes of respect, kindness and social justice that give our children a great framework for living.  Our children are so fortunate to have such a wonderfully positive start to their formal education."
Parent Sally
“The moment we walked through the grounds of St Ambrose’s, we knew this was the school for our children. We were welcomed by happy children who were friendly, confident and involved in interesting tasks. We also saw teachers who were happy, friendly and engaging! 

We have had children at St Ambrose’s for 14 years now and believe that the educational experiences and more importantly, the values they have been taught, will go a long way to making them wonderful members of society. What more can we wish for?

Over the years we have often reflected on our choices and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go to St Ambrose’s; it is a great school.”

Parents Carmel and Alistair
"We have been a part of the St Ambrose’s School Community since 2003 and by the time our fifth child graduates, we would have spent 18 years engaged with this beautiful little school.  St Ambrose’s provides our children with all the benefits of the ‘small’ school environment, such as nurturing, attentive and dedicated teachers, and student/teacher familiarity; yet it also offers the benefits of a big school with co-curricular activities and Zone / District / State representation opportunities.  The School Parent Community is enthusiastic, dedicated and of course, a whole lot of fun!  We could not have chosen a better Primary School to send our children to; thank you St Ambrose’s."
Parent Lisa Miller