The St Ambrose's Approach

About Us  

St Ambrose’s is a Catholic primary school dedicated to engaging and inspiring children since 1936. We educate 270 children from Prep to Year 6 and have approximately 200 families participating in our school community.

As a school, we focus on enabling successful learners and good citizens through our St Ambrose’s Approach.

Our Approach 

St Ambrose’s strives for exceptional learning and teaching while empowering students to become loving and responsible citizens as governed by a Catholic ethos. 

This approach to education is underpinned by our Habits of the Heart: ‘Love, Tolerance, Generosity, Hope, Perseverance and Remembering’. The habits are six principles that guide our actions, words and treatment of others. They permeate our community and link us to our heritage.

At St Ambrose's, our strength is in our community. The Habits of the Heart and Good Samaritan Charism create a common language among teachers, parents and students. This allows us to face our challenges and grow together. We ‘lead by example’ and cooperate to instil a sense of equity and respect within our learners. It is through this ethos that the diverse needs of our students are best met.

St Ambrose’s offers the latest in teaching and learning, technology and extra-curricular activities. Our mission is to provide students with a stimulating curriculum – enriched by Gospel values – that develops strong, confident individuals who are well equipped for secondary school and beyond.

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