Early Years Focus

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At St Ambrose’s, we establish strong foundations in literacy and numeracy in our early learners to prepare children for formal education. We use an enquiry-based approach to allow students to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for life-long learning and success at school. Our specialty teachers for The Arts and P.E impart not only essential knowledge for success in these multifaceted areas, but also a drive and passion for learning.  As a contemporary school with an array of modern facilities, our technology rich environment stimulates and enhances student learning.

We take pride in making our youngest students and new parents feel welcomed and secure at school. St Ambrose’s knows that great parent partnerships are essential to a smooth learning transition for Preps. Our committed Parent and Friend Association, passionate teachers and student Buddy Program work in unison to develop a safe and loving community. Involvement in our vibrant parish events and celebrations also adds to the holistic growth of our students.

By combining a love of learning with a focus on spiritual growth, our early learners are motivated to become enthusiastic learners and confident individuals.​ 

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