Contemporary Learning and Teaching

Contemporary Learning.jpgEducation is our core business. This is inclusive of the Christian focus we provide that stems from the Catholic faith we promote. Our school is committed to the progressive development and implementation of educational strategies that will best serve the learning needs of children in preparation for their life in the 21st century. The core components of our approach to learning are based on research detailing elements that facilitate the best conditions for the human brain to learn most effectively. These core components are:

  • a focus on integration of content across Key Learning Areas;

  • creating a learning environment marked by an absence of threat;

  • providing content that is meaningful and based in real life experiences;

  • providing choice for children in regard to their learning;

  • allowing adequate time for learning functions to consolidate;

  • creating an enriched environment for learning;

  • promoting collaborative learning;

  • focusing on immediate feedback to assist student assessment; and

  • focusing on mastery of learning as the basic test of competence.


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