Physical Education and Sport

St ​Ambrose’s offers a multitude of Physical Education experiences for children, to encourage them to develop a broad range of skills.

These include: Swimming; Athletics; Cross Country; District Representation; Zone Representation; Gala Sports (some of these are dependent on the age of the child).


It is the aim of the school to introduce students to and encourage them to participate in sport. All children are encouraged to participate, regardless of ability. 

  From Prep to Year 2, children are taught the elementary skills such as running, tumbling, dancing, balancing and ball handling to make them aware of their body movements and to experiment with their own body space. 

Between Years 3 and 6 students are introduced to team as well as individual sports. Within the team, the child will experience a feeling of belonging to a group and will learn the art of winning and acceptance of defeat.  Opportunities also are available to participate in interschool sport. Interschool team sports are played to further these skills.


Sports Houses

​Students will be allocated a Sports House Team, Carinthia or Bolton. Children will be encouraged to develop passion for their team and actively participate to their personal best level. Teachers are assigned to Houses especially as we prepare for sports carnivals to assist with the running of these days. Parents are most welcome to join in the spirit of friendly rivalry in support of their child’s sports house.



  All children from Prep to Year 6 access swimming lessons as part of the school’s physical education program.  The costs incurred are covered through the school budget.  It is expected that all children participate in swimming, unless a medical reason prevents them from doing so.  If a child is unable to swim, a letter must be sent by a parent to inform the class teacher of the reason. ​​

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