Camps and Excursions



Camps and excursions are an important element to our school community and are critical to effective learning - they provide real world experience for the children.  All classes will undertake at least one excursion throughout the year. The health and safety of each child is paramount, especially while they are on excursion.

Camps Years 4-6

An important part of a child's education is the development of a sense of independence. One way in which this can be achieved comes from planning and being involved in stays away-from-home. 


We provide the opportunity in Years 4, 5 and 6 to experience a school camp each year. In a strategic move to enhance our community relationships and student experiences, we combine our camp activities with Mater Dei and St Finbarr's. This collaboration allows us to further strengthen our ties with other local Brisbane Catholic Education schools, offering students a chance to form friendships outside our community. This is especially beneficial for our Senior Primary Years students as they have an opportunity to interact with potential future classmates, facilitating a smoother transition into secondary school.​