Technology and Digital Citizenship

​What is digital citizenship?

Today, billions of people all over the planet interact using various technologies. This interaction has created a digital society that affords its members opportunities for education, employment, entertainment, and social interaction. It is expected that digital citizens act according to accepted norms, rules, and laws.

At St Ambrose’s, we provide opportunities for students to engage with new technologies including notebook computers, iPads, iPods, Interactive Whiteboards, and many online tools. Learning to use different technologies is not an end in itself but is a vehicle for learning in our contemporary world.

As the use of technology has significantly increased in schools, we focus on teaching students to be responsible digital citizens. The three pillars of digital citizenship are " respect, educate and prot​ect." If you are looking for learning resources on this topic for your child, you can visit the following Digital Citizenship website - click here​​​​.


Technology at St Ambrose's

21st century education integrates technologies to create student engagement, generate new learning and teaching possibilities, and enhance achievements and interactions with our local and global communities.

​At St Ambrose’s, we offer students a one-to-one program and access to iPads, iPod Touches and laptops. Our aim is to rapidly develop students’ digital literacy skills. We engage with eBooks, websites and blogs, our intranet, tailored social media sites and apps. We integrate physical technologies in all our educational areas. 

Involvement in ‘virtual workspaces’ creates opportunities for collaboration and communication between students, their peers and their teachers. This higher level of interaction improves relationships and learning in the classroom.  A networked environment, where it is easy to develop work and share research with peers and teachers, is the environment students will live and work in during secondary school and the future. By the time our student graduate from St Ambrose's, they are well prepared for this modern future. 

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