Theme for 2022


2022 Theme (2).jpg

2022 - "Search for the Spirit Within"

At St. Ambrose's, our Religious Life of the School is an integral part of our daily routines and planned activities.
This year we are going to "Search for the Spirit Within", by focusing on the Habits of Hope (having courage to share our gifts – making ripples) and Perseverance (striving towards our goals). Our Christian story and our traditions make us who we are today and provide us with a foundation and direction for the future.
Not only will students be creating ripples of kindness and happiness at St. Ambrose's School, but we will continue to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, our role model, who teaches us how to make a difference to the lives of others and to the world we live in.

2022 Theme – Bee You, Bee Here, Bee-Long

St Ambrose is the patron saint of bees and learners. In accordance with our yearly tradition, this year’s theme is inspired by his words and actions.
This year’s graphic illustrates our hive (St Ambrose’s School community), various species of bees (highlighting inclusion and individuality), as well as our school logo.  It also provides inspiration for us to create ripples and even waves, as we continue to build our vibrant and faith-filled community. Additionally, we continue to keep striving to reach our full potential as human beings in our learning, our mission as Christ's followers and our stewardship of God's creation.
Maddi Gray, once again the creator of our 2022 theme logo, is also a source of inspiration to the students and staff of St. Ambrose's. Maddi is a past pupil who continues to actively give back to our school. She uses her skills in graphic design to create visual learning modules, motivational posters and teacher resources to support the learning and teaching at St Ambrose's, and has done so for the past five years.
As a past St A’s student, Maddi is a true testament to “creating ripples” – she has had the courage to share her God-given gifts to bring change to her own life and also to the lives of our school community and furthermore, the greater community.