Theme for 2024

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2024 Theme – ”Bee More in  24”

In 2024, our “Bee More". year, our St Ambrose's school community will be inspired to “Bee More", as modelled by the lives of St Ambrose, St Benedict, and Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. We are reminded of the importance of striving to be our best selves. 

St Ambrose, the patron saint of learning and bees, was known for his wisdom and eloquence. He was a prolific writer and a great orator. His life teaches us the importance of using our God-given gifts to serve others, to always seek knowledge, and to be mindful of protecting our planet, Earth.

St Benedict, from whom we adopted our school charism, “The 6 Habits of the Heart," was a man of great faith and humility. He founded the Benedictine Order and wrote the Rule of St Benedict, which emphasizes the importance of prayer, work, and community. His life teaches us the importance of living a life of balance and service.

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop was integral in the development of Catholic Education in Australia. She was a woman of great faith and courage who dedicated her life to serving others, particularly the poor and marginalised. Her life teaches us the importance of compassion, perseverance, and service.

This year, we pay particular attention to the words in our St Ambrose's School Vision and Mission, “….reaching out with the hands of God in respect and compassion to empower" our community to “realise their potential through Faith and Mission, and Teaching and Learning".

In 2024, we will reach out with the hands of God. We will take action and use our God-given gifts to serve others, showing compassion and perseverance, as we strive to make a difference in our school community and beyond. Together, we can “Bee More in 24".


Maddi Gray , once again the creator of our 2024 theme logo, is also a source of inspiration to the students and staff of St Ambrose's. Maddi is a past pupil who continues to actively give back to our school. ​

As a past St A's student, Maddi has been a true testament to our theme, “Bee More" – she has had the courage to share her God-given gifts to bring change to her own life and also to the lives of our school community and furthermore, the greater community.​


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